Digital Preservation and Access

The Institutional Repository is a zentral service of the University- and Regional Library Tyrol.

Within the repository following types of documents will be preserved for the long-term and made available to the (scientific) community:

Reseachers and students of the University of Innsbruck have free access to all documents.


The holdings of the university library are digitised in a systematic approach as well as „on-demand“. All documents are available as PDF eBook and are in parallel incorporated into the digital repository for online access.

For digitisation on demand please use the EOD Service or contact directly the Department for Digitisation and Digital Preservation.

For blind and visually impaired students the Department for Digitisation and Digital Preservation offers in cooperation with the Rector of the University a specific accessibility service for accessing, digitising and preparing documents.

Thesis and diploma works online

According to the business rules of the University Innsbruck (December 20006) all thesis and diploma works shall be delivered in electronic format. The documents will be preserved for the long term in the institutional repository and made available online according to the provisions provided by the creator of the work.

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